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What you’ll learn

  • Swift Programming Fundamentals (20 hours): Gain a robust foundation in Swift syntax, data types, and control flow.
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Swift (30 hours): Explore the principles of OOP, including classes, objects, and inheritance.
  • iOS App Development (40 hours): Learn to build iOS applications with Swift using Xcode and Interface Builder.
  • User Interface (UI) Development (20 hours): Understand UI design principles and create visually appealing interfaces.
  • Data Persistence with Core Data (15 hours): Explore data storage and retrieval using Core Data for a seamless user experience.
  • Networking and APIs (15 hours): Learn to make network requests and integrate external APIs into your iOS apps.
  • Advanced Swift Concepts (Optional) (10 hours): Dive into advanced topics such as protocols, generics, and advanced language features.
  • Testing and Debugging (10 hours): Understand the importance of testing and debugging in iOS development.
  • Version Control with Git (5 hours): Explore version control practices using Git for collaborative iOS development.
  • Project Work (5 hours): Apply your Swift skills to real-world iOS projects, creating functional and user-friendly applications.

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