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This course teaches participants about NoSQL databases, specifically MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, and other important systems. The course lasts 45 hours. Our NoSQL Databases Course in Bangalore is focused on practical knowledge and hands-on experience with leading NoSQL database systems. Whether you are a database administrator, developer, or data scientist, this course is your gateway to mastering nonrelational data management.

We believe in making quality education accessible. Take advantage of our flexible EMI options to learn NoSQL databases without worrying about finances.

Upon successful completion, leverage our placement support to explore opportunities in the dynamic field of NoSQL databases.

The hourly breakdown is indicative and may vary based on the pace of the class and additional interactive activities. Practical exercises and hands-on projects should be incorporated throughout the sessions to reinforce learning.

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Course Content

Lesson 1: Understanding the evolution of NoSQL databases
Lesson 2: Key characteristics and advantages over traditional databases
Lesson 3: Document-oriented databases (e.g., MongoDB)
Lesson 4: Key-Value stores (e.g., Redis)
Lesson 5: Column-family databases (e.g., Cassandra)
Lesson 6: Graph databases (e.g., Neo4j)
Lesson 7: Strengths and weaknesses of each NoSQL type
Lesson 8: Choosing the right type for specific use cases

Lesson 1: Overview of MongoDB as a document-based NoSQL database
Lesson 2: Installation and setup
Lesson 3: Hands-on sessions for creating, reading, updating, and deleting data
Lesson 4: Querying MongoDB collections
Lesson 5: Creating and managing indexes for performance
Lesson 6: Utilizing aggregation pipelines for complex queries

Lesson 1: Understanding the distributed nature of Cassandra
Lesson 2: Data modeling concepts in Cassandra
Lesson 3: Basics of CQL for interacting with Cassandra
Lesson 4: Data modeling and schema design

Lesson 1: In-memory data store concepts
Lesson 2: Use cases and practical applications
Lesson 3: Brief exploration of key-value stores and graph databases
Lesson 4: Use cases for different types of NoSQL databases

Lesson 1: Sharding and partitioning strategies for scalability
Lesson 2: Replication for fault tolerance and high availability
Lesson 3: Understanding consistency levels in NoSQL databases
Lesson 4: Handling transactions in a distributed environment

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