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Explore Java Script Course in Bangalore : Overview and Details

The 40-hour JavaScript course aims to teach students fundamental concepts and practical applications for web development. It provides a solid foundation in JavaScript. Learn Javascript and become proficient in the language of the web.

Learn the basics such as variables, conditionals, and loops. Dive deep into functions, objects, arrays, and classes to build complex applications. Understand asynchronous programming and work with APIs to create interactive web experiences. Practice DOM manipulation and event handling to make dynamic web pages. Work on small projects to apply your new skills and build a strong portfolio. Receive personalized feedback from experienced instructors and grow your expertise.

Join our Javascript course and elevate your web development career. JavaScript full course in Bangalore goes beyond the basics, emphasizing hands-on learning and project work. You’ll emerge with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills to excel in web development. With flexible fees, EMI options, and dedicated job placement support, this course is your key to mastering JavaScript.

Java Script Course Content

Lesson 1: JavaScript basics and history
Lesson 2: Setting up the development environment
Lesson 3: Writing your first JavaScript program

Lesson 1: Understanding the Document Object Model (DOM
Lesson 2: Selecting and manipulating HTML elements
Lesson 3: Handling events and user interactions

Lesson 1: Promises and asynchronous programming
Lesson 2: Async/await for handling asynchronous code
Lesson 3: Fetch API for AJAX requests

Lesson 1: Function declarations and expressions
Lesson 2: Scope and closures in JavaScript
Lesson 3: Higher-order functions

Lesson 1: Arrow functions and template literals
Lesson 2: Destructuring and spread/rest operators
Lesson 3: Modules and classes in ES6+

Lesson 1: Making asynchronous requests with AJAX
Lesson 2: Consuming APIs and handling responses

Lesson 1: Applying JavaScript skills to real-world projects
Lesson 2: Building interactive components
Lesson 3: Troubleshooting and debugging

Lesson 1: Recap of key concepts
Lesson 2: Addressing questions and clarifications
Lesson 3: Guidance on best practices

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