Cambridge InfoTech Cancellation & Refund Policy

At Cambridge Infotech we believe in being flexible and always keeping our students’ interests in mind. Over 24,500 students have chosen to certify with us and reach the pinnacle of success in their professional lives. We understand that cancellations and refunds are needed at times and we cooperate with our students in times like these. In such situations, our flexible cancellation policy can be of use to you. 

Terms and conditions of cancellations and refunds – Cancellations by students

1)  Within 48 hours of registration – Students are eligible to get an 80% cancellation refund if they send us an email with the needed information within a maximum of 48 hours of registration. Please note that we do not accept cancellations over the phone, any requests need to be emailed to us. 

     We withhold 20% for cancellations due to the various service fees and payment charges we pay to our partners for cancellations. The refund will be credited to the student’s original source of payment within 30 days of the cancellation approval email. Please drop us an email at 

2)   After 48 hours from registration– Students are eligible for a 0% refund.

Terms and conditions of cancellations and refunds – Cancellations by Cambridge Infotech

Cancellations by Cambridge InfoTech– We hold the right to cancel and reschedule classes as per the number of registrations received, insufficient registrations and extenuating circumstances beyond our control. Please consult with a Cambridge InfoTech agent to confirm your course dates before you make any travel arrangements.  

Transfers to other courses offered by Cambridge InfoTech

1)    Within 48 Hours of Registering and Less Than 30 Accumulated Training Minutes – Students who have completed less than 30 minutes of training and have cancelled with us through email within 48 hours of registering can transfer to another course through the 100% paid amount. Please drop us a written email at to avail of this benefit. 

2)    After 48 hours of registration and completing over 30 minutes of training – Transfers in such situations are not possible. We cannot provide refunds for such situations either. If you believe that your situation falls under “extenuating circumstances beyond your control” then drop us an email to consider your request. Email us at

Cancellations due to non-payment 

Students that have received repeated payment reminders yet have not paid their dues in full, maybe ineligible to complete the course. To avoid such situations, please remember to pay Cambridge InfoTech your course fees in time. 

Extensions of e-learning courses

We offer students the option to reschedule and extend the course by a maximum of 1 month. This has to be done before the course duration expires. In case the student requires a further extension then, we allow this through a facilitation fee of 50% course fee or as applicable. For any extension requests please make sure to email us at