What is android app development?

Android, the open-source platform for smartphones and tablets, is engendering zest across the mobile space. The operating system is open-source, based on Linux and is compatible with a JAVA Library. It was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Moreover, Android provides an efficient open market place and an excellent opportunity for third party android app developers. The operating system’s reach, huge, engaged and global audience is a result of its efficient process for building and launching apps makes it a simpler process than other operating systems.

Currently, the Android platform serves 3,5 billion users, (in 2020) which is more than any other mobile operating system. The open platform is available on a multitude of different smartphones and tablets as well as wearables through the Android Wear operating system. Today every business or brand needs an innovative Android App to increase its popularity, innovation as well as reach.

There are millions of Android mobile apps in the App Market, with the demand for mobile applications all set to skyrocket in the coming years. Branded apps, games, enterprise tools, and (AR) augmented reality are all possible. As more hardware is built into the latest Android handsets and wearables even more functionality will be unlocked.

Advantages of Android Application:

  • A large number of potential customers
  • Customized profitable apps
  • Google support
  • Highly competent & functional
  • Feature-rich & user-friendly

As mobile app usage continues to surge worldwide, Android solutions are increasingly vital to strategic business growth. So, how should you choose your Android app developer? Here I Share You The List of Top Android App Development Companies Where you Can Develop Your Custom Android App.

  • Data EximIT
  • HireFullStackDeveloperIndia
  • HourlyDeveloper.io
  1. Data EximIT

Data EximIT ranked top amongst other players in the app development industry with its outstanding capabilities and world class developers. Data EximIT team consider itself a strong believers in data-driven approach in terms of an agile application development and analytics-driven approach.

Clearly understanding the requirements of clients and delivering them best apps meeting the expectations make them number one among all the players in the industry.

Services They Provide for Android App Development

  • Android Client/Server Application Development.
  • Android Handset Testing Solutions.
  • App submission to the Google Play Android Marketplace.
  • Custom Android Software Application Development.
  • Rich Multimedia Applications Development for Android.
  • Third-Party Application Porting on Android Devices.
  1. Hire FullStackDeveloper India

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia a Software Development Company & an IT Consulting Firm. The company offers Web & Mobile Application Development & Digital Marketing Services along with Mobile POS, E-commerce and Trending Technologies such as IoT, BigData, AI, and many more.

Services They Provide for Android App Development

  • Сustom Android app development
  • Enterprise Android app development
  • mCommerce Android app development
  • Server-side APIs for Android app development
  1. HourlyDeveloper.io

Hailing from the United States, HourlyDeveloper.io is a fantastic team of programming, design, marketing, project management business analysis and quality analysis Experts. HourlyDeveloper.io has got an expertise in understanding the client’s requirements and then implementing them to achieve the best results that are loved by the client’s customers. It’s the consumer at the end. They have offered app development and web design services to world’s finest business groups.

Services They Provide for Android App Development

  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android Game Development
  • Social Media Android App Development
  • Enterprise Android App Development
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android App Support

What do Android app developers do?

An android developer develops applications for use on phones and tablets that utilize the android operating system – everything from interactive games to media players, to electronic book readers and global navigation software. … It’s an exciting time to have a career in Android development.

What is required for Android app development?

The simple tools that you need for Android app development are just a Mac or Windows PC, any type of Linux, and Eclipse, the ADT Plugin, and the Android SDK—all of which are free.

Is Android app development a good career?

Is Android developer a good career in 2021? … According to a study, over 135 thousand new job opportunities in Android app development will be available by 2024. Since Android is on the rise and almost every industry in India uses Android apps, it is a great career choice for 2021

What skills are required for app development?

Rather, a specific skill set is required for these developers.

  • Mobile User Interface Design. Probably the most important aspect of mobile app development is building a high quality user interface (UI). … 
  • Cross-Platform App Development. … 
  • Backend Computing. … 
  • Modern Language Programming Skills. … 
  • Business Capability.

How do I become a developer after 12?

See as far as I know a sound knowledge of JAVA is required to develop mobile apps. But a formal degree will be important while you look for employment and a career. So learn Java and also do your graduation preferably in Computer Science to have a degree under your belt. Then you can apply for the job

What degree is needed to create an app?

Mobile application developers must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a computer science major. Mobile application development degrees focus on areas such as system design, data structuring, and programming. It is equally important to learn computer-programming languages such as C++, HTML, and Java.

How To Become Mobile App Developer With No Experience?

Mobile app development is becoming very popular and it’s need is constantly growing. As the user base for the mobile apps is huge in the market, the demand of mobile app developers is growing exponentially. Do you also aspire to be one coding android or iOS apps? But don’t know where to start from. There are millions of courses online, but what really works to become a successful mobile app developer? In this article I will be explaining what exact skills are needed to become a successful mobile app developer. I will be covering all the things necessary to successfully land a job and at the end I will share one bonus tip. Keep reading till the end.

Choose the coding language for mobile app development.

To start with you need to choose the coding language you are comfortable with. You can refer some of the timeless programming language to choose from. Mobile app development can be boardly classified in Native and Hybrid app development. Wondering what is native and hybrid don’t worry read types of mobile app development to get the difference

Native mobile app development

If you want to be native app developer you need to choose a specific platform either Android or iOS (These are the only popular platform)
If you decide on Android app development, go ahead and learn Kotlin. Yes, that’s been recently introduced for Android app development. You can even learn Java or if you are already familiar with Java, start with Java as a language. Later you can learn Kotlin. But I would recommend learning Kotlin as google is focusing on this as a language for android development.If you choose iOS as a platform you have two option again for language Objective C and Swift. But swift is the preferred language for iOS app development. And yes you will need to have a Mac machine to build your iOS native apps.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid mobile apps works on all mobile devices. So you don’t need to choose a platform but you need to know multiple skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript even some part of Java, Kotlin, Swift. This is because there are multiple platforms to develop hybrid apps. And you might also need to integrate native component later on in your apps. Native component may include Bluetooth support, NFC, etc.

Some of the popular frameworks for Hybrid app development

You can pick any of the below frameworks and start learning them.

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin

At the start pick on one framework and master it. As learning all of them will be too overwhelming. There are more hybrid mobile app development frameworks available in the market but these are most popular and have more jobs opportunity.

Create clones of the existing mobile apps

Ones you are sorted with the mobile app development platform, start creating clones of existing popular mobile apps. This will help you to know what kind of features are used in existing apps. This is just for your practice. As working on such projects will help you get real world challenges faced in development. Only learning a language won’t help you, You need some practical knowledge as well. And what better than creating a clone of your favourite app which you already know inside out.

Build online portfolio of your work

Now that you have mastered the skills it’s time to showcase it. Put your practice assignments on open source repository. This way you can create your own portfolio. You can add this to your resume to showcase your programming skills. Go on to freelancing platforms and create your portfolio. You can check out how to become a successful freelancer and that might interest you. By building your portfolio you can land some freelancing projects too. On the side keep trying to apply for full time mobile app development opportunities. Your online portfolio will speak for itself to land you a great job.

Have a mobile app idea? Start building it

Now that you have all the required skills that are needed to develop a mobile app, You can develop your own apps. By developing your own mobile app you can create great value to your profile. Ones you have developed your app, work on testing it thoroughly. You can even publish this app to google play store or Apple App Store. To publish your apps you will need developer accounts for particular platform. You can buy developers account and start publishing your apps. This way you can even generate your own user base along with some income. You can even add this to your resume which will make you stand out.

Contribute to open source projects

If publishing your own apps seems too overwhelming you can contribute to open source projects. In this way you can build your online presence and learn from the community of developers.
On Github there are lot of open source projects that you can contribute and learn from. May be you can even create your own open source project and collaborate with other developers.

Collaborate with community

Build connections and find mentors. Having a mentor will help you reach your goal faster. You can even use community platforms like stackoverflow where you can post your questions or even answer to people facing issue with mobile app development. This way you can build your online presence in your field of expertise. You can add stackoverflow profile link to your portfolio. This will enhance your profile and recruiters always appreciate these kind of efforts.

Keep on updating your skills

You have learned and mastered your skills but that’s not enough. You need to continuously keep on updating with the latest trends and latest update of the development platform. There are continuous changes going on in mobile app development world. And keeping up with it is your way to succeed. As when you are up to date with your knowledge it will showcase your willingness and passion towards learning. You can refer this hiring guide for some additional tips on starting your journey as a mobile app developer. Keep learning and keep growing!!

How much does a Android app developer make?

How Much Does a Android Developer Make in US? The average salary for a Android Developer in US is $107,323. The average additional cash compensation for a Android Developer in US is $16,956. The average total compensation for a Android Developer in US is $124,279.

How do I become a app developer?

Some mobile app developers attend a college or university and earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Others are self-taught and have no formal education in computing. Then, there’s the other growing alternative: attending a coding bootcamp. A coding bootcamp typically lasts between three and nine months. contact us

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