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“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or else it vanishes”

– Peter Ducker

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The art of teaching to impart knowledge is a talent bestowed upon a few who have both experience and a passion for teaching. While there is a constant debate about which is better, textbook knowledge or real-life experience, at Cambridge InfoTech we believe in combining both of these to give students a learning experience that constantly evolves with time.

At Cambridge InfoTech, our motto is to teach students with zeal and surpass our best teaching moments with better ones that are yet to come.

Trainer reviews

What our Students say?

Previously I had enrolled for the IoT course with another institute but backed out as I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Due to the case studies, the trainer’s skills, and the various assessments given along with constant coaching and guidance, I managed to build a resume that specializes in IoT and I also got placement choices due to Cambridge Info Tech’s Placement Program.
Nick Harris
The trainer is patient and does not mind students asking questions in the interactive sessions, this is a major plus point as other online institutes are always on a tight schedule and do not offer students this perk of asking questions, and getting further information on topics that we would otherwise find very confusing. I recommend Cambridge Infotech and the trainer for this course.
IOT Student
When I was looking for courses online for Software Testing, I narrowed down the search results to the top 5 institutes. Despite my contacting all 5 institutes, the responses I got from 4 of the other institutes were automated. I felt that Cambridge Infotech puts in extra efforts to make sure that students are comfortable from day 1 until placement and I applaud this effort. I got certified and placed recently and I am happy with the complete experience.
Graphic Designing Student
Before I joined Cambridge InfoTech, as a trainer I was very goal-oriented. Passing with good grades was the focus of my classes. This soon changed once I joined this leading institute for e-learning and classroom training. While most institutes worry only about students passing with good grades, Cambridge Infotech helps students reach their maximum potential not only now, but also later on in life. This institute is a must for trainers who want to be a part of an educational institute focused on delivering excellence.
Python Full Stack Student

We strive to be the best at teaching, as for us being a tutor and an educational institute is so much more than merely imparting knowledge. We shape the lives of our students with bonus features including interview preparations, accreditations, and certifications as well as offer job placements.

Our students have trusted us in the past and continue to let us guide them on the path to a stable career with increased job prospects. These testimonials are just a drop in the ocean as we have enrolled over 2,08,000 students since the start of the institute.