Software Testing Master

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Why Choose The Software Testing Master Certification Course?

The IT sector relies heavily on software programs to complete a series of tasks on a day-to-day basis. Other than the IT sector, there are unlimited uses for software programs in each and every industry in the world. Software testing is in its true essence, the act of carefully observing and examining the behaviors of programs. This is done through a series of methods and tests referred to as validation and verification. Additionally, testing software is a must for companies that wish to know beforehand the risks involved in using software to conduct operation tasks among other day-to-day tasks using a certain software program. 

The scope of jobs for software testing experts is limitless with the only limitations being skills and certifications. The Software Testing master Course by Cambridge InfoTech, bridges the gap between demand and supply, by training students with usable skills and certifications to give them both knowledge and jobs. 

Who Can Benefit From the Software Testing Master Course?

The Software Testing Master Course by Cambridge InfoTech, Bangalore is a comprehensive course to help beginners with no testing experience get the needed knowledge to get their first job in the industry. The certification holds weightage in India and internationally as well, through which students can explore further education and career prospects. This course is ideal for: 

  • Students who want to begin a new career
  • Professionals who want to learn new skills in the Software Testing subject
  • Software Testers who want better career growth by gaining additional knowledge in their field
  • Students searching for a part-time freelancing job. 
  • Graduates and IT Professionals who are seeking certification and placement in Software Testing


Benefits of Choosing Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore as Your Teaching Advisor

  • You get access to a wide range of informative topics through eLearning
  • You can make use of interactive learning modules to make learning an easy and fun exercise
  • You get access to all the knowledge our tenured and vetted trainers possess. You can ask questions, and get instant answers in an interactive setting. 
  • You get add-on resources for education, as well as resume building and interview preparation
  • You get a better understanding of how to pass the certification with guided mock-up preparation tests
  • You get access to live examples in real environments to prepare you for both certifications as well as on-job situations
  • You will be placed in one of the top IT firms suitable for your skillset. The students of Cambridge have a 97% success rate of being placed after certifications.

What you'll learn?

  • Students who take the Software Testing Master Certification Course will learn an array of new topics including but not limited to.
  • Learn all the basic concepts of Software Testing
  • Learn through test cases &amp
  • Bug report writing
  • Learn the best ways to utilize black-Box Test Techniques
  • Get a deep understanding of the requirements for Review &amp
  • Test Scenarios Writing
  • Practice using the test link to implement the test processes on a test management tool
  • Get an introduction to the core concepts of Agile methodologies &amp
  • Agile Testing
  • Learn the fundamentals of using JIRA as the preferred Application Lifecycle Management Tool
  • Get in-depth knowledge about White-Box Test Techniques
  • Get an introduction to API Testing
  • Learn advanced concepts such as API Testing using Postman
  • Get an introduction to Performance Testing using Jmeter
  • Learn all there is to comprehensive topics including QA processes right from requirement gathering up to Project delivery
  • Learn the tried and tested way to perform testing types and understand their real-time usages in projects at different stages of completion
  • Get access to resources and through Cambridge InfoTech support for top frequently asked Software Testing interview questions
  • Get trainer help for top interview questions with Solutions
  • Learn with trainer support the right way to build a professional QA Resume
  • With Cambridge InfoTech.Bangalore placements get a job or learn how to become a successful freelance tester

Course Modules

Python Programming

  • Python Environment Setup And Essentials
  • Python Programming Language Basic Constructs
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts in Python
  • Python Database Connection
  • Exception Handling
  • Multi-Threading & Race Condition
  • Packages and Functions
  • Web Scraping With Python


Functional Testing

Framework Creation Using Python

Git and Github


Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 weeks ago
At the start of the course, I was very nervous if I could understand the concepts as I have no prior software testing knowledge, I only knew how to use a PC and mobile as an end user, that’s it. The institute was very supportive from the time of signing up and even after the course was done. All my fears vanished in the first few hours of training and the trainer made sure to clarify any doubts I had. I truly thank the full team at Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore to put emphasis on knowledge and giving students the ease of learning at their own pace.
4 weeks ago
With the Software Testing Master certification course I got access to knowledge, resources and complete resume and interview support. Despite the placement option, I chose to work as a freelance tester after the course was completed and Cambridge InfoTech helped me furnish my resume as a freelance tester. Thanks to Cambridge InfoTech I am fully certified and self-employed as a skilled professional.
4 weeks ago
When I was looking for courses online for Software Testing, I narrowed down the search results to the top 5 institutes. Despite my contacting all 5 institutes, the responses I got from 4 of the other institutes were automated. I felt that Cambridge Infotech puts in extra efforts to make sure that students are comfortable from day 1 until placement and I applaud this effort. I got certified and placed recently and I am happy with the complete experience.
As with any specialization and certification, the trainer’s skills matter a lot. I am glad I chose the course by Cambridge InfoTech as the trainer was very experienced in the course material and explained each concept clearly, slowly and repeatedly to students who were freshers in Software Testing. This is definitely an ultimate course for students who are beginners and want to become masters in the topic in just 60 hours.
4 weeks ago
Software Testing appears to be a complex topic for those who don’t know much about the concepts. I am impressed with this course and the trainer’s ability to systematically explain all of the concepts individually as well as link each concept gradually. Overall, a very informative course ideal for anyone with basic computer and mobile usage skills.
Software Testing Master


  • Cambridge InfoTech courses for Software Testing Master certification are comprehensive in nature and teach all concepts from the scratch.
  • Students should have access to the following to join the course
  • Basic computer and mobile knowledge as an end user
  • Access to a mobile and PC/Laptop for practice exercises