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Why Get Python Full Stack Certified?

Python Full Stack courses give you the needed knowledge and tools to build static and responsive websites and are also the basis for other courses such as app and mobile site development. The certification gives you an edge through an enhanced resume to get jobs, not only immediately but also in the future as technology progresses.

This course will help you build websites from scratch to finish with value-added features like review and voting systems. You will also learn how to use the various software and coding to search, conduct pagination and send emails using Django. The course will also give you the knowledge and insight on how to build sites on live servers and complete activities like user registration and authentication. The course is spread over 110 hours which includes test exercises, quizzes and test preparation as well as resume-building support.

Who Should Choose the Python Full Stack Course?

The Python Full Stack Course by Cambridge InfoTech is designed for both students and IT professionals looking for a career in web development. Along with languages like Python and Django, the course we offer to our students has Front End technologies you need to know, to build fully functional, captivating websites. These front-end technologies include HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Why Is The Python Full Stack Course by Cambridge InfoTech, The Best Choice For You?

It is a competitive world with jobs given out only to trained professionals with accreditations and certifications. At Cambridge Infotech, we believe in giving you the best knowledge and delivering exactly as you need it, as per your schedule and in a systematic and organized manner.

The majority of the online education institutes, give students Bootcamp crash courses that are covered in just 30-40 hours and they cover concepts such as Django in brief. Cambridge Infotech believes in covering all modules at great length so that you have a solid footing and proper understanding of all core concepts and fundamentals before you move to more complex topics. We show you the right way to build websites using Python, add-on scrips, and Django through our comprehensive course. Our course has a lengthier duration as we cover many other technologies that are not covered in traditional eLearning courses you find online.

The course material created by Cambridge is at par with major eLearning institutes abroad which means that our course can help you get a job in India or even Internationally as you progress in your education and career path.

Moreover, the Cambridge Infotech certifications are internationally accredited and hold great weightage in the learning sector. Moreover, our certifications ensure that you get jobs easily, through placement services we offer to our students who trust us with their education needs.

We offer the best of the industry standards eLearning with interactive learning material for students who want a hybrid learning experience of textbook information, videos, case studies, test exercises, interactive training sessions and much more. Our resume building and trainer support for the final certification can give you the needed boost to get your dream job with ease.

Does Cambridge Offer Placement Services to Students?

Yes, our students have a record of 97% placements as of now and we always ensure that our students get the best jobs as per their courses and skillset. We are tied up with some of the best IT firms in India and many of these are located in Bangalore.

About Course

Python Full-stack Live Classroom Course / Full-stack Python developer online classes. Affordable Fees. Interview Preparation, 100% Job Placement Support. Flexible Timings. Real-time Hands-on Training.
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What you'll learn?

  • Students will learn the following topics along with additional modules for a comprehensive training experience:
  • Learn traditional ways to style your website with CSS
  • Understand the different types of static website elements like HTML, CSS
  • Gain information about landing pages among other website elements
  • Practice using Django function-based views
  • Learn to navigate using the Django Template Language to be able to interact on a front-end basis using Django
  • Learn traditional and new-age ways to use Django Models to interact with SQL backend databases
  • Get extensive practice for advanced class-based views to swiftly build fully functional websites
  • Learn how to navigate and build using Django's built-in authentication and administration systems
  • Get hands-on experience with Django Forms
  • Understand and practice tried and tested methods on topics such as relationships between model tables in the database

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Getting Started

Module 3: Programming in Python

Module 4: Programming Project

Module 5: Programming Project

Module 6: GUI with PyQT5

Module 7: Gui Project

Module 8: Mongo DB

Module 9: Software Engineering

Module 10: Course conclusion

Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 weeks ago
I passed the certification by Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore on the first attempt, got placed in the interview and I am now fully certified in Python 3, and Django 4. Hats off to Cambridge Infotech Institute to make this happen!
4 weeks ago
As a student with no experience in coding, I was not confident that the course would be easy to crack. My greatest fear was removed from day 1 to day 5 as the trainer put a lot of effort and emphasis on explaining all basic concepts in detail. After the basic concepts were taught, the rest of the course was easy to grasp.
4 weeks ago
My main issue was that even if I finish the course, in the current situation, not many companies are hiring freshers. As so on as I got certified, I was so happy to get placed by Cambridge InfoTech in one of the best IT firms in Bangalore.
4 weeks ago
The case studies, textbook learning, interactive exercises and test exercises gave me the right ideas to build my own websites and earn from them. I am now registered on platforms like Upwork as a freelance PHP Builder and I have started earning well in less than a month of completing this course.
4 weeks ago
At the start of the class, I was clueless about coding and I considered backing out of the course. Thankfully, the trainer at Cambridge InfoTech gave me motivation and courage, and also explained all the concepts in a slow and organized manner. Without the trainer’s support, I would not have been able to ace the class! I am now certified with the Python Full Stack course.
Python Full Stack


  • Basic computer knowledge is a must
  • Basic coding language knowledge is preferred but not mandatory
  • A laptop is all you need. No major prerequisites