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PHP Full Stack Developer Course Overview

The world we live in is progressing at a rapid phase, with new technologies being created daily. While there are many ways to build websites right from simple AI templates such as WIX these sites, while perfect to look at and function, are dependent on a third-party system that does not give you complete control.  

PHP full stack website courses open your mind to other platforms that give you complete front-end and back-end control through which you can code, build, manage, delete and completely control all aspects of the website. These websites can be used for selling products, showcasing brands and much more with the help of easy customizations. Coding languages such as HTML, JAVA, and Coffee script among many others are used to teach you just how easy it can be with the right training to build your very own fully-functional website in under 24 hours. 

Who Should Choose The PHP Full Stack Course?

Anybody interested in gaining knowledge and job skills in coding to build websites should choose the PHP Full Stack course. This versatile course is ideal for students, web developers and aspiring IT professionals. 

 Why Trust Cambridge InfoTech, Bangalore With Your Learning Needs?

We give you courses that are built by certified trainers and IT professionals who have been building websites for decades. These experts in the industry can help you understand in detail the progress of coding languages and practical ways to build sites, apps, and mobile sites with ease and at your own pace. 

The PHP Full Stack course is built with 3 key elements; theory, practical assignments, and preparation for the certification. All updates in the industry are communicated to our students and trainers work along with students to teach them new skills as per all industry updates. Our courses are customizable and can be tuned to meet both your learning and timing needs. This implies that you can work and learn at the same time as we give you adequate time to understand the material and practice the topics taught at your pace and according to your schedule.

Our highly skilled trainers have been vetted and certified as well, which means that you learn only from the very best PHP-certified trainers who have vast experience in this industry. We do not compromise on the quality of teaching and ensure that you get maximum value for the course you have registered for. Our resume support, certification assistance, and placement options are the best in the industry and the certifications you do from us are internationally recognized. We don’t just help you get information, we walk along with you and help you build a career path with real-life PHP skills that you can use even 10 years from now. 

About Course

PHP Full Stack development refers to the creation of web applications and website using various technologies that include PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, NodeJS etc. Full stack web development is currently one of the most desired and necessary job profiles as it allows business organizations to easily develop complex web applications.
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What you'll learn?

  • Implement OOPS Using JAVA With Data Structures And Beyond
  • Become A Back-End Expert
  • Implement Frameworks in The DevOps Way
  • Develop A Web Application Using Frontend Stack
  • Testing In A DevOps Lifecycle
  • Begin automation testing and integration with Selenium Webdriver
  • Create seamless development and production environments using containerization with Docker and manage applications on Amazon S3 servers.
  • Full Stack Java Developer Capstone Project
  • Full Stack Java Developer Capstone project provides you with hands-on working experience,

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Exception Handling
  • Handling Html Form With PHP
  • Decisions & Loop
  • Function
  • String
  • Array
  • Working With File And Directories
  • State Management
  • String Matching With Regular Expression
  • Generating Images With PHP
  • Ajax
  • Database Connectivity With Mysql

Module 2: My SQL

Module 3: MINI PROJECT 3

Module 4: LARAVEL



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3 weeks ago
My friends are coders and they always made PHP Full Stack training seem like a tough task. Cambridge InfoTech showed to me so many different ways to make full-fledged WordPress sites without any stress and hassle. There is definitely more to learn with the many other courses offered at Cambridge, they make learning fun with interactive coaching as well.
3 weeks ago
First I was shocked to see that other online courses for PHP development have a 20 hours duration while Cambridge Infotech’s course had a 100 hours duration. Upon registering and starting training, I understood why. The basics are covered, core concepts and fundamentals are explained at length and the practice exercises are so extensive that at the end of the course I could easily make PHP websites without any difficulty. Money and time well spent!
3 weeks ago
The knowledge was provided by the trainer in a comprehensive manner, but the main benefits of this course were the ease of certification and placement. I got a job as a junior web developer in less than 15 days due to the placement perk offered by Cambridge Infotech.
3 weeks ago
The case studies, textbook learning, interactive exercises and test exercises gave me the right ideas to build my own websites and earn from them. I am now registered on platforms like Upwork as a freelance PHP Builder and I have started earning well in less than a month of completing this course.
3 weeks ago
The main thing I liked about the PHP Full Stack Course by Cambridge Infotech is the practical industry examples the trainer used, to explain each instance and concept. This gave me a different point of view than merely learning from a textbook or watching videos online about PHP programming.
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