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Why Choose the MEAN Stack Course and Certification by Cambridge InfoTech, Bangalore?

The MEAN stack is a leading course for students who want to learn how to build versatile applications using Angular1 and NodeJS. The mean stack course also explains the ExpressJS framework as well as MongoDB as well as how to replace Angular1 with Angular 2+ in an effective manner. Students can take advantage of the MEAN Stack certification by Cambridge InfoTech to get information about improvements in the world of all things Angular. Students can practice with live examples how to achieve speed, highly reactive, scalable applications with trainer support all along the modules.

Each module is broken into separate segments to give a comprehensive understanding to students of MEAN Stack as a whole. By the end of the course, students will gain a deeper perspective on traditional application building and also how to use the MEAN Stack course for versatile and non-conventional app development purposes. ­­

Additional resources about Angular are given to our students to help them understand other concepts that can further enhance their education prospects in the future. Core concepts and fundamentals for additional concepts are also explained in detail so that the MEAN Stack course can be paired with other coding and IT courses to build a strong career path in the IT sector.

Career Prospects with the MEAN Stack Course by Cambridge InfoTech, Bangalore

The IT sector, not only in India but also worldwide is on a constant lookout for talent and most jobs are given to students with certifications. As technology evolves, so does the course content by Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore which means that our MEAN Stack course has all the latest updates, and information you need to keep you abreast of the technological developments in the current era. Our comprehensive MEAN Stack course can help you get some of the best jobs in the IT sector with ease through our resume building, resume support, mock interviews, certification preparation work, and placement solutions. These value-added perks are given to all of our students as part of the course module.

 Benefits of Choosing Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore as Your Institute of Choice

  •       The MEAN Stack course is drafted, tailored, and created to suit the needs of students looking for a hands-on approach
  •       The course covers important topics about MongoDB and Angular at great length which enables our students to use the acquired knowledge even later on especially while on the job
  •       Our courses are highly flexible, we don’t rush you to learn, and we work according to your schedule
  •       Our trainers are highly qualified, skilled, and professional IT professionals with a passion to impart knowledge
  •       Our certifications and accreditations are recognized by both institutes and MNCs in India and even internationally
  •       Our placement service is one of the best in the country
  •       Our past students have a 97% placement history
  •       Our trainers are thoroughly vetted on the basis of knowledge and professionalism and an initiative to teach

What you'll learn?

  • Learn the right way to build real functional Angular + NodeJS applications
  • Understand the core concepts that make Angular work and how Angular interacts with Backend operations
  • Learn tried and tested ways to connect any Angular Frontend with a NodeJS Backend
  • Practice using MongoDB with Mongoose to interact with Data on Backend
  • Practice with exercises to understand how to use Express JS as a NodeJS Framework
  • Learn the best ways to provide a perfect experience by using Optimistic Updating on the Frontend
  • Understand ways to enhance the functions of any Angular + NodeJS application by adding features such as Error Handling
  • By the end of the course, you will learn all ways to use Frontend and Backend MEAN Stack fundamentals to build fully-functional and versatile applications

Course Modules


  • In this module, To begin with, you will understand the goals, objectives, and summary of the entire course. You will get to know the author, his areas of expertise and his accomplishments. Later, you will explore Visual Studio Code, its installation process and how to set it up for your coding environment. You will start learning about the MEAN stack from the most fundamental element, which is MEAN Stack Architecture.

Getting Started with Node.js

Server-Side Development with Express

Getting Started with MongoDB

Configuring the Backend

Frontend Development with JavaScript

Configuring the Frontend

Performing CRUD Operations


Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 weeks ago
There are many institutes that offer MEAN Stack courses, I am glad I chose Cambridge InfoTech. The internationally valid certification and direct placement option is an added bonus I got when I opted for this course.
2 weeks ago
The training material given was interactive but also had practice exercises to complete during my free time. I feel that without the guided practice exercises I would not have been able to complete the certification so easily. The course is definitely recommended for everyone looking for effective ways to use the MEAN stack course to build applications.
2 weeks ago
After completing the MEAN Stack certification by Cambridge InfoTech, I got placed in a job in Bangalore thanks to the Institute in less than 2 weeks! I look forward to doing the Python Full Stack course by Cambridge next month.
2 weeks ago
The trainer was very clear in explaining all core concepts and elaborated on each concept slowly for students who do not have coding experience. At the end of the course, the refresher training and assessment preparation helped me to pass the certification on the first attempt.
2 weeks ago
The course offered by Cambridge MEAN Stack was simple to understand and the live experiments made it possible for me to get the relevant experience needed for the certification. This course is recommended for anyone with basic computer knowledge.
MEAN Stack


  • Students with intermediate computer knowledge should also have an understanding of the following concepts to be eligible for applying for this course.
  • Basic knowledge of Angular
  • Basic knowledge about Nodes
  • Basic knowledge of MongoDB
  • Basic HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Note - All intermediate-level and advanced concepts are taught in this course. Refresher training modules are also provided from the start to the end of the course.