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Who Should Choose The HTML Training Course?

Students that are interested to learn about HTML websites and are seeking a job in the web design and web development sector can gain greatly by joining the HTML course. The course can help you improve your career prospects as either a fresher with HTML training certification or an IT professional who wishes to climb up the ranks with added skills and certifications. 

The certifications done at Cambridge InfoTech Institute are valid for further studies and also hold weightage for resumes and job hunting. The certifications by Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore are recognized in India and even internationally. 

Why Choose Cambridge InfoTech as Your Chosen Learning Advisor?

To get ahead in life and in the IT sector, it is crucial that job seekers have relevant skills that can help them get the best jobs with attractive pay packages. This is most often done with certifications from eLearning institutes that coach, train and certify students using easy-to-understand learning aids. While many eLearning institutes worry about providing Bootcamp courses to cover maximum topics in short durations, through crash courses, this is not the practice followed by Cambridge InfoTech. Our main goal is to give you knowledge that you can easily utilize by practice and exercises, now and even many years from now. 

Cambridge InfoTech has been a trusted advisor for students who want to learn HTML training not only in recent times but for many years. As a professional learning institute, we ensure to teach you all the concepts in both a theoretical and practical setting. We teach you all there is to learn about creating HTML websites from scratch using tried and tested teaching methods that work for students with no prior HTML experience. More importantly, we use a series of learning tools in a systematic manner to gauge your progress while you learn. 

We also provide you with refresher training in between to ensure that you do not forget the concepts taught while you progress towards the final goal of certification. Our trainers have trained over 2000 students in the last couple of years in HTML training and have vast professional experience in the IT sector as well. We offer placements to students that clear the certification and we ensure to prepare you with mock interview questions so that you are well prepared to ace your interview on the first go. 

What you'll learn?

  • Students will learn a wide array of topics that include but are not limited to the following core concepts:
  • Learn core concepts like modern, semantic, and accessible HTML5
  • Get a deeper understanding of modern CSS including sub-topics such as flexbox and CSS Grids
  • Gain knowledge about other CSS concepts including the box model, positioning schemes, and inheritance
  • Learn how to create a web design framework with easy-to-use rules and guidelines
  • Gain exposure to ways to plan, sketch, design, build, test, and optimize a beautiful and elegantly designed HTML site
  • Learn the fundamentals of responsive websites for mobile devices
  • Gain knowledge about additional concepts such as common components and layout patterns for design and development using HTML and CSS
  • Learn the right ways to use the hexadecimal color system and apply a series of hexadecimal colors to the various elements in your HTML5 website
  • Gain skills that are a must for developers including reading documentation, and debugging, with access to professional tools and a toolbox
  • Learn the top ways to source and use free design features including images, fonts, and icons
  • Use your new skills to practice building HTML websites, with test assignments and solutions
  • Conventional and according to industry standard ways to design and build HTML projects from scratch
  • Learn how to be a skilled HTML and CSS developer in 20 hours

Course Modules

HTML – Introduction

  • HTML – Elements
  • HTML – Tags
  • HTML – Text
  • HTML – Formatting
  • HTML – Pre
  • HTML – Attributes
  • HTML – Font
  • HTML – Text Links
  • HTML – Comments
  • HTML – Lists
  • HTML – Images
  • HTML – Image Links
  • HTML – Tables
  • HTML – Bgcolor
  • HTML – Color Codes
  • HTML – Color Chart
  • HTML – Background

Web Forms

Hidden Fields

Special Tags

Formatting Tags

HTML – Horizontal Rule

HTML5 Syllabus

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 weeks ago
The main reason I did the HTML training by Cambridge InfoTech is that it was part of a job requirement. That being said, I am glad I registered at this institute because they showed me that learning new skills at the age of 38 is not tough, especially with the right guidance. A sincere thanks to the trainer and the entire team for making learning easier for me.
4 weeks ago
I am grateful to Cambridge InfoTech for helping me get placed shortly after I completed my certification. Most of the other online courses only teach you how to freelance but they do not actually place students in IT firms. The Cambridge InfoTech staff ensured I got placed in a firm I am best suited for as per my new skillset.
4 weeks ago
The trainer made it a point to cover both core concepts and advanced fundamentals with mock tests, assessments and preparation for the final assessment. Due to the thorough preparation done by the trainer, I passed the certification on my very first attempt and I am now HTML certified! More power to Cambridge InfoTech for helping me realize and fulfill my web development dreams.
Only after I joined the HTML training at Cambridge InfoTech did I realize that HTML websites can be responsive as well and not just limited to adaptive templates. I am glad I joined this course as it cleared a lot of doubts and misconceptions I had about using HTML to design both minimalistic and full-fledged professional websites.
4 weeks ago
HTML scaffolding is a concept that I could never grasp with ease as the core topics were both confusing and hard to understand for students that do not have any prior HTML experience. This changed the day I joined Cambridge InfoTech, as the core concepts of HTML Scaffolding were taught right from day one and only after that were advanced topics taught systematically according to the course module. This is an A+ course for students who want to learn HTML and do not have any previous experience with the topic.
HTML Training


  • Students require no prior knowledge of HTML to join this course but are required to have access to the following:-
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • A physical computer with the latest configurations and space to install software programs