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What is The CSS Training Course and How Is It Useful In Web Development?

A few years ago, web development was a relatively easy task for those with access to information and there was not much competition in the world of CSS and HTML jobs as well. However, with time and the evolution of technology came the dire need to update skills and the need of the hour became choosing the right web development certification course to top up your resume. 

Cascading Style Sheets better known as CSS is in its essence a programming language. This language can be learned by anyone who aspires to become a developer as CSS is the art of converting raw HTML pages into beautiful and fully functional websites. Both detailed discussion of core concepts and converting this knowledge to practical applications are the highlights of the CSS Training course by Cambridge InfoTech. 

Who Should Choose The CSS Training Course?

  • Students who wish to pursue other web development courses and need CSS training as a backbone in web development. 
  • IT professionals, web designers and web developers who wish for better career prospects by gaining further knowledge about the latest trends in technologies CSS and HTML. 


Why Choose the CSS Training and Certification Course by Cambridge InfoTech?

In a nutshell, the CSS Training and Certification Course is an eLearning course built by experienced trainers who have both IT experience and a history of teaching students due to a sheer passion to pass on knowledge to interested students. 

At Cambridge InfoTech our main focus is knowledge and to ensure that we pass on knowledge to students, we choose trainers with over 10+ years of experience in the IT and training sectors. Our vetted trainers have trained over 2000 students in the last couple of years in CSS, HTML, full stack and other web development courses. 

Moreover, we offer both resume-building support and interview preparation coaching as well as placements in some of the best IT firms in Bangalore and many other cities. 

What you'll learn?

  • The CSS training by Cambridge InfoTech will give you a strong foothold in learning multiple concepts, a few of which are mentioned below.
  • This list is not extensive and over 10 modules will be covered to help you get on the right path to becoming a successful web developer.
  • Learn how CSS is an advanced technology yet a simple topic to understand
  • Get access to both basic and advanced CSS features
  • Learn the best ways to harness the power of tools including Flexbox, grid, animations, transitions, fonts, media queries, and many more power-packed features of CSS
  • Get a thorough understanding of concepts and strategies that go behind creating websites.
  • Gain a deeper perspective on the history of certain CSS features
  • Build aesthetically pleasing and fully functional CSS websites without any help by the end of the course

Course Modules

CSS Introduction

  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Selectors (ID, Class, Tags, Attributes)
  • CSS Styling

Styling Backgrounds

CSS Box Model

CSS3 Introduction



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4 weeks ago
As a fresher in web designing, I was always told to learn CSS and HTML by my boss but I had reservations about the training courses I saw on popular eLearning platforms as they help up to an extent in certifications, this support is not comprehensive. I am glad I chose Cambridge InfoTech as the certifications are both recognized and accepted for further education as well as for career growth. I am CSS certified and I am considering opting for the HTML course in the next few months.
4 weeks ago
Upon joining the CSS Certification course I realized something of great value which made me confident to continue the course despite my initial hesitations about web development. The realization was that choosing the right institute with a good teaching and support team can make all the difference, especially for students with little to no prior knowledge of web development. My belief was further strengthened with the resume-building support and placement choices given to me by Cambridge InfoTech. I am thankful to the entire team especially the trainer to make this happen.
4 weeks ago
Taking up the CSS and HTML courses by Cambridge InfoTech was the best career move I have made so far. The certifications gave me leverage over others and the ease of placement offered by the institute ensured that I got placed with a web development firm that I have been aching to get into. I recommend Cambridge InfoTech and I am considering joining the Full Stack course next.
4 weeks ago
I took the CSS Training certification course that was offered by Cambridge InfoTech to get over my fear of HTML and web development in general. I had a mental block that CSS and HTML are concepts meant for coders and people who work only on AI-powered websites cannot learn CSS and other web development tools. Much to my pleasant surprise, the trainer at Cambridge InfoTech showed me that this fear was irrational and with the right guidance, anyone with basic web development knowledge can ace the CSS certification course.
4 weeks ago
I always believed that HTML websites were the only way to build uncomplicated responsive sites, however, after taking the informative CSS training course by Cambridge InfoTech I got a real understanding of CSS websites. I also understood that HTML and CSS compliment each other and by using both of these concepts in conjunction, it is possible to very easily create full-fledged and fully functional responsive sites that look great to look at as well!
CSS Training


  • Students that wish to join the CSS training course do not need to have prior knowledge of CSS, the course will teach students everything to do with CSS from scratch.
  • Students do not need to have advanced knowledge of HTML and coding as well.
  • The following requirements are needed to learn the course thoroughly:-
  • Basics of HTML and web development
  • Access to a physical computer with the latest specifications
  • An eagerness to learn concepts and practice them in your free time