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The CompTIA Security+ course is a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know about security in the IT sector. This certification course is accredited internationally and can help you get an IT security position amongst many others once certified. The duration of the course is 35 hours and the various modules are spread across the duration in a systematic and organized manner. The course starts with basic concepts such as an introduction to security and slowly progresses to core concepts like vulnerabilities. Towards the end of the course, you will be trained to handle security risks in live environments. These skills can easily be transferred to a work-related environment wherein you have to detect, tackle and handle vulnerabilities and threats as a security and systems administrator. 

Who Should Choose the CompTIA Security+ Certification Course?

The course by Cambridge InfoTech can widen your horizons and help you get a job as a Security IT Auditor, security analyst, IT project manager and cybersecurity specialist. The CompTIA Security+ is a truly comprehensive course, that is best paired with other add-on courses such as CompTIA A+ certification and CompTIA Networks course. 

Benefits of Choosing Cambridge InfoTech Institute

The courses offered by Cambridge InfoTech Institute are constantly updated as per industry standards. The course we offer to our students covers all the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) objective domains and concepts such as Threats, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, Architecture and Design, and Implementation. Advanced topics are also covered in our courses and these include Operations and Incident Response and Governance, Risk, and Compliance. These core concepts are applicable in live situations. This enables you to use the knowledge you gained at Cambridge Infotech, for enhanced job prospects. 

Trainers and Placements 

The CompTIA Security+ course gives you an array of tools to help you study, get the knowledge you need, and get a job. We offer to you course material in the form of videos, presentations, case studies, interactive training sessions, test assignments, and resume-building support. Our trainers also help you prepare for your final assessment as well as get placed with mock-up interviews for CompTIA Security+ job positions. 

The trainers we choose are working experts in their respective fields and have a vast experience in the IT sector. The trainers at Cambridge InfoTech, have working knowledge of CompTIA Security and have trained over 1500 students so far in this subject. We offer our students an opportunity to learn from the best trainers and professionals in the industry by choosing our informative courses. 

At Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore, we strongly believe in ensuring that our students get placed after they complete the final assessment. For past courses, we have achieved a steady 97% placement success rate. Our students are placed in some of the best MNCs, and reputable companies that are hiring newly graduated students as well as seasoned working professionals. 

Course Modules

Module 1 : Introduction to course
What is CompTIA Security+ Why get CompTIA Security+ certified? What is the CompTIA Security+ certification examination?

  • What is CompTIA Security+
  • Why get CompTIA Security+ certified?
  • What is the CompTIA Security+ certification examination?

Module 2 : Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
Comparing Security Roles and Controls Compare and Contrast Information Security Roles Compare and Contrast Security Control and Framework Types Q&A with Knowledge Checks Threat Actors and Threat Threat Actor Types and Attack Vectors Threat Intelligence Sources Q&A with Knowledge Checks Performing Security Assessments Assess Organizational Security with Network Reconnaissance Tools Security Concerns with General Vulnerability Types Vulnerability Scanning Techniques Penetration Testing Concepts Q&A with Knowledge Checks Identifying Social Engineering and Malware Compare and Contrast Social Engineering Techniques. Analyze Indicators of Malware-Based Attacks Q&A with Knowledge Checks

Module 3 : Architecture and Design
Summarizing Basic Cryptographic Concepts Compare and Contrast Cryptographic Ciphers Summarize Cryptographic Modes of Operation Summarize Cryptographic Use Cases and Weaknesses Summarize Other Cryptographic Technologies Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Public Key Infrastructure Certificates and Certificate Authorities PKI Management Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Authentication Controls Authentication Design Concepts Knowledge-Based Authentication Authentication Technologies Biometrics Authentication Concepts Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Identity and Account Management Controls Identity and Account Types Account Policies Authorization Solutions Importance of Personnel Policies Q&A with Knowledge Checks

Module 4 : Implementation
Implementing Secure Network Designs Secure Network Designs Secure Switching and Routing Secure Wireless Infrastructure Load Balancers Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Network Security Appliances Firewalls and Proxy Servers Network Security Monitoring Use of SIEM Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Secure Network Protocols Secure Network Operations Protocols Secure Application Protocols Secure Remote Access Protocols Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Host Security Solutions Secure Firmware Endpoint Security Embedded System Security Implications Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Secure Mobile Solutions Mobile Device Management Secure Mobile Device Connections Q&A with Knowledge Checks

Module 5 : Operations and Incident Response

Module 6 : Governance, Risk and Compliance
Summarizing Risk Management Concepts Risk Management Processes and Concepts Business Impact Analysis Concepts Q&A with Knowledge Checks Implementing Cybersecurity Resilience Redundancy Strategies Backup Strategies Cybersecurity Resilience Strategies Q&A with Knowledge Checks Explaining Physical Security Importance of Physical Site Security Controls Importance of Physical Host Security Controls Q&A with Knowledge Checks

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 weeks ago
The threats, vulnerabilities and live examples given by the trainer are based on his experience and they are relevant to almost all situations IT professionals come across. The updated course material makes sure that we as students get the latest information that is relevant to the industry. I am impressed that so many topics were covered in 35 hours with time to spare to prepare for assessments.
4 weeks ago
I got CompTIA Security+ certified last month with Cambridge InfoTech’s course. I am planning to register for CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ courses next.
4 weeks ago
As a student who was not excellent at computers, my main fear was that I wouldn’t understand the course material. Much to my surprise, despite having basic computer and network knowledge, I passed the test as the trainer was very patient and systematically explained every topic. I am now CompTIA Security+ certified.
4 weeks ago
The resume-building support given by the trainer helped me boost myself in the eyes of interviewers by showcasing my existing and newly acquired CompTIA Security+ skills. As a result, I got placed in the first attempt with an established startup in Bangalore city.
4 weeks ago
Migrating threat is a topic that I have always been confused about. I took the CompTIA Security+ certification test twice so far after learning through other online platforms, but sadly I did not pass. After I took the course by Cambridge Infotech, the concepts became clear and I passed with an 84 score on the first try! Recommended course.
CompTIA Security+