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Why Choose the Cloud Master Course to Add to Your Resume? 

AWS Cloud Formation is a concept and technology that is here to stay. Every year thousands of new jobs are being given to certified professionals who have knowledge as well as experience in AWS Cloud formation. 

The easiest way to write, deploy and maintain your AWS system is to use the help of the AWS Cloud Formation template as it can help you get effective solutions for architecture all of which are a singular file located on the server. The cloud formation structure offered by the AWS Services is also the most effective and secure method to ensure that your AWS Infrastructure evolves over time. 

Thanks to new technologies such as YAML, it has become increasingly easier to create and write AWS CloudFormation Templates. The AWS CloudFormation also ensures that added support features are easier to manage and maintain. These features include but are not limited to, Parameters, Mappings, Resources and References. Additional features covered in this comprehensive course by Cambridge InfoTech include Cross-Stack References, Conditions, Outputs, and Metadata. 

Why Choose Cambridge InfoTech As Your Learning Advisor?

With the help of the course offered by Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore, students will get a comprehensive understanding to create complete AWS CloudFormation templates using technologies such as YAML. Students will be given all the needed resources to learn the various recent features of Cloud Formation in AWS. 

The AWS Cloud Formation Master Course is meticulously crafted by a team of expert trainers and IT professionals with decades of knowledge in the industry. The courses are regularly updated and redrafted with improved updates, new material and better eLearning techniques as technology evolves in that particular niche. 

The trainers at Cambridge InfoTech are highly-skilled professionals who have vast experience of 10+ years in training students in AWS Cloud Formation and similar technologies. They have a passion to teach new concepts to students who want to learn all there is about Cloud Programming and coding. 

In addition to textbook teachings imparted by the trainer, students will have access to case studies, presentations, videos and a complete eLearning toolkit that they can utilize while they complete the course. 

Cambridge InfoTech has been a leading institute in India that has a long-standing reputation for offering flexible courses that work to suit your timings and schedule. Our hand-tailored courses are also built to meet your every learning need and we offer over 1000 courses in a variety of topics not limited to only the IT sector. 

What Are The Additional Advantages Offered by Cambridge InfoTech Courses? 

A hybrid virtual classroom eLearning material is used to teach fundamentals, with cases and interactive material used to teach more complex topics from scratch. Hands-on experience with core concepts through practice exercises is an important value-added perk of choosing the Cambridge InfoTech Cloud Master Course. 

Students who choose Cambridge InfoTech can also rest assured of finding jobs as we also offer placement services for all students who get certified. Our certifications are internationally accredited and recognized. Our placement services ensure that students get their dream jobs in AWS Cloud Computing and other technologies within India. We also offer resume-building and interview preparation support to our students. In the past, our students have been placed with a 97% success rate.

What you'll learn?

  • Introduction to YAML
  • Parameters, SSM Parameter Types and Resources, Pseudo Parameters
  • New concepts around topics like advanced Resources including but not limited to, DependsOn, DeletionPolicy, UpdateReplacePolicy, CreationPolicy and UpdatePolicy
  • Fundamentals about Mappings, Outputs & Cross Stack References, Conditions, Rules, Metadata
  • Deployment Options
  • Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline
  • Registry, 3rd-party Resource Types & Modules
  • Resource Imports
  • SAM (Serverless Application Model) Intro
  • Introduction to the Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
  • Macros
  • Template Validation
  • Best Practices, as per industry standards

Course Modules

AWS Solution Architect

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started With AWS
  • Identity and Access Management
  • S3
  • EC2 and EBS
  • ELB and Auto Scaling
  • Cloudwatch
  • VPC0
  • Databases
  • Route 53
  • Additional Key Services
  • SAA C02 Latest Services

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure Administrator :AZ-104

Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions:AZ-305

Google Cloud Platform Architect Training

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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4 weeks ago
The course was built using solid concepts and new information was given to us every time there was a new update! This was very impressive as most other online eLearning programs post updates after months which puts students at a strong disadvantage. I look forward to doing the other courses offered by Cambridge InfoTech in the next few months.
4 weeks ago
This is a truly comprehensive course with live question and answers rounds to help students get instant answers to course material and all the concepts taught in every module. Due to the extra attempts put in by the trainer all throughout the course, I could pass my certification in the first attempt itself.
4 weeks ago
The course was well structured and perfectly presented. The concepts were updated as per the recent trends. YAML was explained at great length, right from the introduction to using it to fill templates and execute commands. The summarization at the end of every module helped clarify any doubts I had. This AWS Cloud course by Cambridge InfoTech is definitely worth enrolling for complete the certification.
4 weeks ago
The trainer used concrete cases to prove all the teachings and the knowledge used was solid and based on real-life examples. The presentations were interactive and made students think for themselves about how to solve problems in live environments. Guided mock examinations were also given at the end to ensure that we get a proper understanding of the concepts in both parts and also as a whole. Overall, a value-for-time course which ensured certification and placement for me.
Cloud Master


  • The following list comprises the requirements to join the AWS Cloud Master Course by Cambridge InfoTech.
  • A basic understanding of AWS Cloud.
  • An updated physical Mac/Linux /Windows machine.
  • Not mandatory yet preferred – Basic understanding of JSON &amp.
  • YAML