Business Intelligence Master

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Who Should Choose The Business Intelligence Master Certification Course? 

The Business Intelligence course by Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore is a certification course for anyone who wants to learn concepts such as Tableau. This course is also ideal for both students and professionals who have basic knowledge of the topic and want a deeper understanding of Tableau, Power BI and Python integration in business intelligence. 

 The course is split into many modules, with each module split further into segments for easy understanding. Each module has various stages that give students a strong foundation through an introduction to core topics, a further understanding of fundamentals and finally cases, interactive teaching and practice exercises to test their knowledge levels.  

Students will be taught how to use many types of self-service business intelligence platforms, and applications that make the topic uncomplicated to learn and tried, tested ways to perform all the tasks in a live setting for when they get jobs.  

Students will also gain perspective on using Python and its ecosystem to install features such as Anaconda as well as Jupyter Notebooks. This will be the basis for creating initial codes as well as using key Python data types to complete advanced and more complex tasks. 

 By the end of the course, students will have hands-on experience and confidence to complete a series of tasks such as building complex relational models using simple and intuitive tools as well as building completely interactive dashboards from the start to the finish, all on their own in a guided eLearning environment. 

 Why Trust Cambridge InfoTech with Your Higher Learning Needs?

 Cambridge Infotech has been a leading institute in India for many decades with a vast experience in eLearning courses. The trainers at Cambridge InfoTech are passionate about teaching students new concepts at their pace and as per their expertise. 

Other than imparting knowledge to students, we ensure that our students will be given insight on the right way to build their resumes to display their new skills to prospective employers. Through extended support and a series of resources, students will also be prepared for interviews as well as the final certification. Once the certification is completed successfully, students will get placement in firms as per their new skillset.

What you'll learn?

  • Students who wish to enroll in the Business Intelligence Master Course by Cambridge InfoTech, Bangalore will get access through a trainer, classroom, interactive learning, and additional resources to learn the following concepts.
  • This list is not extensive and a lot more topics will be taught as well.
  • Introduction to building professional-quality business intelligence reports from scratch
  • Learn how to blend and transform raw data into fully-functional and customizable interactive dashboards
  • Get an understanding of concepts to help you design and implement the top B.I. tools used by skilled and certified analysts and data scientists
  • Learn the best ways to showcase and hone your newly acquired skills with multiple full-scale course projects in a guided environment with complete trainer support
  • Get a complete grasp of fundamentals related to the business workflow from the start to the end
  • Learn the right techniques from BI developer master trainers to use the latest Tableau software for use in a professional setting
  • Learn how to ace and excel using the latest Tableau software for use in a professional setting
  • Learn core Python concepts such as how to use blocks of base Python, including data types, variables, loops, functions, and other core functionalities
  • Get an understanding of tried and tested techniques to use Jupyter Notebooks to write, manage, and comment on your Python code
  • Learn the best methods as per industry standards to manipulate business intelligence functionalities such as numeric data, text strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets
  • Get a practical understanding of new concepts including but not limited to raw data using conditional logic, nested loops, custom functions, and comprehensions
  • Get hands-on experience with additional and advanced concepts such as Python's Openpyxl package to read & write data to Excel worksheets
  • Learn how to perfectly implement further Python concepts in a live environment.
  • These concepts include solid, foundational Python skills for data analysis &amp.
  • Business intelligence

Course Modules


  • Introduction to SQL
  • Database Normalization and Entity Relationship Model
  • SQL Operators
  • Working with SQL – Join, Tables, and Variables
  • Deep Dive into SQL Functions
  • Working with Subqueries
  • SQL Views, Functions, and Stored Procedures
  • Deep Dive into User-defined Functions
  • SQL Optimization and Performance
  • Advanced Topics
  • Managing Database Concurrency
  • Programming Databases Using Transact-SQL
  • Microsoft Courses – Study Material

Power BI

Azure Data Factory

Tableau Desktop 10


MSBI SSRS Course Content

MSBI SSAS Course Content

Informatica Developer and Admin

Qlik Sense


Data Warehousing and Data Modeling

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 weeks ago
I cannot believe that I got placed in a firm in Bangalore after my Business Intelligence Master certification in less than 1 month of getting my results. This is an amazing initiative by Cambridge InfoTech to not only train students but also help them succeed by helping them with job placements that suit their skills. Thank you to the entire team of Cambridge Institute Bangalore that made this possible!
4 weeks ago
It is a wonder that there are so many choices for eLearning and while most of these courses are crash courses, the trainer at Cambridge Infotech focuses on each topic at great length. This made learning a lot easier as all the basics were taught with introductions before advanced concepts were taught. Hats off to the trainer for the level of patience he showed as well as his expertise.
4 weeks ago
Anaconda was always a confusing sub-topic for me as I wasn’t aware of all the functions that could be performed using this application. Due to the extensive coaching by the trainer, I finally gained new insight on this topic and I got certified in my very first attempt. I am thrilled to have chosen the Business Intelligence Master course by Cambridge InfoTech.
Joining the course offered by this institute was a step in the right direction for me. Before I took the course, I had a basic knowledge of Python but I was not aware that it could be used extensively along with Tableau and Jupyter as well as many other programs. This was a true eye opener for me that there are so many topics that students can learn with the right course and the right learning institute.
4 weeks ago
I joined the Business Intelligence Course by Cambridge InfoTech 3 months ago, however, due to my college schedule I took time to finish the course. The trainer was very understanding and did not rush me to finish the course, he taught the course at my pace and also gave additional coaching with mock interview preparation exercises. I recommend Cambridge InfoTech to anyone who wants a professional and flexible certification course.
Business Intelligence Master


  • Students who want to enroll in the Cambridge InfoTech Business Intelligence Master course with certification do not need any prior subject knowledge.
  • All the concepts will be taught from the start for using all Business Intelligence tools.
  • The following requirements are needed to enroll in the Business Intelligence Master certification course.
  • Basic computer knowledge is a must
  • Access to a physical PC preferably Windows