Angular 8 Training

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Angular Training 8 Course by Cambridge Infotech is an online training course designed to help developers learn the fundamentals of Angular. It covers all aspects of the Angular framework from components to data binding and more, providing a comprehensive overview of its features. The course is broken down into eight lessons that explore different aspects of the platform, such as how it handles user interaction, how to set up basic routes and services, and how to build powerful UI components with its various tools. Each lesson provides ample hands-on training with real-world examples that help learners get a better grasp on concepts quickly. The instructors are experienced software professionals who have been using Angular for years and can provide valuable insight into best practices when using this popular front-end framework. At the end of each lesson, learners take part in interactive quizzes that test their understanding of the material covered in class.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introducing Angular

  • What is Angular?
  • Central Features of the Angular Framework
  • Why Angular?
  • Building Blocks of an Angular Application
  • Basic Architecture of an Angular Application
  • Installing and Using Angular
  • A Basic Angular Application
  • Anatomy of a Basic Application
  • The Main Component File
  • The Application Module File
  • The index.html File
  • The Bootstrap File
  • Running the Application
  • Building the Application
  • Summary

Module 2: Development Setup of Angular

Module 3: Introduction to TypeScript and ES6

Module 4: Components in Angular

Module 5: Data and Event Binding

Module 6: Attribute Directives

Module 7: Structural Directives

Module 8: Template Driven Forms

Module 9: Reactive Forms

Module 10: Angular Modules

Module 11: Services and Dependency Injection

Module 12: HTTP Client

Module 13: Pipes and Data Formatting

Module 14: Introduction to Single Page Applications

Module 15: The Angular Component Router

Module 16: Advanced HTTP Client

Module 17: Consuming Web Sockets Data in Angular

Module 18: Advanced Routing

Module 19: Introduction to Testing Angular Applications

Module 20: Debugging

Module 21: Introduction to Angular Material

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Angular 8 Training