Angular 7

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The Angular 7 Training course offered by Cambridge Infotech is an ideal way for developers to get up-to-date with the latest version of Angular. This comprehensive training covers all the core fundamentals, including components, templates, directives and services. It also provides an overview of TypeScript and provides hands-on experience with Angular’s development tools. With this course, developers can quickly develop applications that are robust, maintainable and secure.

The course will give students a deep understanding of how to use the new features introduced in Angular 7 such as improved accessibility support, better performance and improved tooling support. The instructor will guide participants through topics such as working with components, creating custom directives and services, using dependency injection for efficient coding practices and structuring applications for scalability. Participants will also learn about best practices for debugging application issues and deploying production ready code in real-time environments.

What you'll learn?

  • Develop an application from scratch using Angular 7 that allows you to create an assignment tracker
  • Understand and use Angular Forms, Observables, Dependency Injection, and Routing
  • Create components and use Angular to create powerful single-page applications
  • Retrieve data from a route and protect your routes with a guard
  • Retrieve, update, and delete data using Angular’s HTTP service
  • Make your app look beautiful by using material design and Animations
  • Discover new features to Angular including breakthrough features in Artificial Intelligence and Bitcoin mining!'

Course Modules

Introduction to Angular 7

  • Angular Versions: AngularJS (vs)
  • Angular Setup for local development
  • The environment of Installing NodeJS, NPM
  • Installing Visual Studio Code
  • Angular CLI
  • Develop First Angular program using Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code

Angular Architecture

Displaying Dynamic Data

Angular Components Deep Dive

Data Binding

Styles Binding In Components

Template Driven Forms

Reactive Forms

Working with Pipes

Custom Directives

Dependency Injection

Services in Angular

Reactive Extension for JavaScript

Http Client Service

Angular Routing

Angular Modules

Performing CRUD Operations as in Realtime Angular Application

Angular CLI and MVC Application

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 weeks ago
The training was comprehensive and provided a thorough understanding of the development environment. I found the instructor to be knowledgeable and experienced and was able to answer all my questions. The course materials were well-organized, making it easy to follow along with the lessons. At the end of the course, I felt confident in my abilities to use Angular 7 for web development projects.
4 weeks ago
I was really impressed by the quality of the course. It was comprehensive, easy to understand, and covered all aspects of Angular 7. The instructor was knowledgeable and the course material was up-to-date. I'm so glad I took this training; it has completely transformed my understanding of web development and how to use Angular 7. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their web development skills!
4 weeks ago
This was an incredibly helpful experience, I recently completed the Angular 7 Training by Cambridge Infotech. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided clear explanations of every concept. The course materials were up-to-date and well-structured, making it easy to understand the fundamentals of Angular 7. I highly recommend this training for anyone looking to jumpstart their development skills. The guidance I received was invaluable and I am confident that what I learned will help me progress in my career.
4 weeks ago
Completed the Angular 7 Training by Cambridge Infotech and found it to be incredibly helpful and informative. The trainers were very knowledgeable and I was able to get a good understanding of the basics of Angular 7. They also provided lots of helpful tips and techniques to make sure that I could use the program effectively. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their skills in Angular 7.
4 weeks ago
I recently completed the Angular 7 training course at Cambridge Infotech, and I'm so glad I did! The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and the curriculum was comprehensive. I learned a great deal about how to use the latest version of Angular. The course also included helpful tips and tricks to make coding efficient and effective. I feel much more confident in my ability to use the Angular framework now. Highly recommend this course!
Angular 7 Training